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We teach basic computer science (Paint, Microsoft office, photoshop etc), Web Design(HTML, CSS, Javascript, JS), Web Developer (PHP, .Net), Language( C, C++, JAVA, Python, Android)

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We specialize in Wealth Management Services and Insurance Consultancy services for all types of Insurances, such as Pension Plan, Health Insurance, Term Plan, Children education/ Marriage/Securing future, Financial Planning etc.

We offer customized Wealth Solutions which help people to achieve their long term and medium term financial goals through effective financial planning. Since last 15 years, we have helped more than 1500 families and individuals in retirement planning, child’s education planning, financial protection against any unforeseen events etc. We offer a wide range of plans of LIC to suits your diverse needs. Our clients include salaried, businessmen, students, professionals, housewives, government employees and retired people.

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Domicile/Cast Certificate

We provide certificate within one day.

Insurance Consultancy

We provide Insurance Consultancy services for all types of Insurances.

Web Development

We provide School, onlineshope, tour and travaels, Hotel website etc.

Basic Computer

We Provide 3, 6 , 12 month certificate

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